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hakkimizda2002 MINERAL CHEMISTRY BUILDING ENERGY ENERGY established in and KMO TRADE INDUSTRY. LTD. Know. Our company operates under the name, reinforced concrete structures-residential construction sector workplace, steel structures, store, industrial buildings, factory buildings, undertaking, office-Store-house decoration, landscaping works are active in.

Our company has passed since KMO activity CONSTRUCTION steel building systems, as well as to increase its market share, assembly, our customers have in our products should ,as well as their confidence in our company aims to make continuous. With improved technology and changing user expectations in every area of ​​the world is also increasing with each passing day, give customers the confidence that a firm's future, and service quality as well as, constantly evolving to offer products to the market depends on. Our company is in this awareness, design, production and assembly, customers always trying to offer the best service…